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Logan’s Meadow Location

A welcome piece of nature in urban northeast Cambridge. Proposed extension in green.

Bird Conservation

Logan’s Meadow is home to the Cambridge Swift Tower.

Wetland Habitats

Restoring wetland habitats to increase biodiversity and sustainability.

Strategic Aims

” This project will contribute to people’s physical, psychological, social and spiritual well being. “

Dr Mick Collins, UEA

Timetable and activities

For all our news and activities go to our Blog page.

We planted over 250 trees on the Meadow during 2021, with over 150 volunteers getting involved. See our pictures. More trees will be planted in 2022 and 2023.

More extensive work is being planned, and will depend on the outcome of the second round of public consultation carried out in March-April 2022.

About Us

Friends of Logan’s Meadow is a voluntary organisation which supports the expansion and improvement of Logan’s Meadow Local Nature Reserve in Cambridge.

Membership is free and open to all. Why not join us?

For all our news and activities go to our Blog page.

More About Us

Get In Touch

To join or contact us email our Secretary by clicking here:


Whilst membership of the Friends is free so that it’s accessible to everyone, we need funds to cover running expenses such as printing and insurance. Moreover, future plans include producing information leaflets for teachers and schoolchildren. To make a donation please go to our Donation page.


We need lots of additional help, from designing and editing our newsletter to help with fundraising. Please contact us if you would like to get involved.

In November and December 2021 over 150 volunteers planted over 250 trees on the Meadow; see their work here.

Logan’s Meadow in the Media

Logan’s Meadow has been receiving a fair amount of attention in the Media just lately. Take a look.

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